Sat 24th June 2017

A.F. HILL & SON farm Dunstall Court Estate, situated in rural Feckenham. It is easily accessible from the Midland Motorway network.

The farmhouse, cottage and swimming pool are heated by woodchips and poplar, grown on the farm plantations. There is now over 40 acres of willow and poplar planted for short rotation coppice, with another 60 acres of poplar to be grown for mature timber production.

The British designed woodchip fuelled boiler was designed and installed by Talbott Heating Ltd in 1992. It has proved to be effective in meeting the heavy demands for constant and permanent heat. The farm is self sufficient in growing all its own fuel and there is adequate resources to allow for the sales of material for cuttings, rods and sets.

The use of wood as a renewable source of energy is econimically viable for this estate. It also has the wider implication in being environmentally beneficial. The application of sewage and sludge to the willow beds has been undertaken in various trials by the University of Wales.

There are also educational benefits, several schools have been on the nature walks and used willows for weaving sculptures.